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FAO Regional Office for Africa
18 October 2018 — The FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Africa, Bukar Tijani,...
8th October 2018, Bissau - Sustainable aquaculture systems are becoming a priority for improving national...

Regional Initiatives

FAO focusses its work in the Region through three regional initiatives, responding to the priorities of Member Countries and achieving demonstrable impact in a time bound manner.

Family Farming Knowledge

This platform gathers quality information on family farming from all over the world; including national laws and regulations, public policies, best practices, relevant data and statistics, researches, articles and publications.

Africa Solidarity Trust Fund

It is a unique financing mechanism that pools resources from Africa’s strongest economies to support national and regional initiatives.

Fall Armyworm

Fall Armyworm or 'American armyworm' is a migratory caterpillar and a new pest in Africa which is causing severe damages to maize, rice, millet, pastures and over 80 other plant species.

In depth

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